Successful Single Mom Interview ~ Theresa Wilson

The most common struggle I hear from single moms is the struggle to get through the beginning stages of single parenthood. It feels so insurmountable at the beginning.

Today, I have Theresa Wilson on the podcast to shine a light at the end of the tunnel. Theresa shares what it takes to become a successful single mom through the tough times. She speaks about leaning hard on God and never giving up on your passions.

Listen for the inspiration you just might need today!

Highlights of our Interview

(0:30) Theresa talks about where she is today as an actress, singer and voiceover artist.

(1:44) Theresa takes us back to the beginning of her single mom journey when her daughter was 11 years old and when she made the decision to get a divorce. But along the way she always knew she wasn’t alone because God was always there with her.

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You have to realize that you’re never alone because you do have God.

(3:08) The hardest part about being a single mom is the transition of stepping into the unknown.

(4:30) The best thing about being a single parent is the freedom and the small moments you have with your child. The relationship single parents have with their children is such a strong bond.

I teach my child, “You’re never alone because you have me and you have God.”

(7:53) Theresa’s advice for a brand-new single mom is to remember to be long-suffering. Never look at your children as just being children but as individuals, the person that they will because those children must go out and fight the world, just like you do every day.

(9:53) How Theresa learned that with God she can do the impossible.

(11:32) Always pursue your passions, even as a single mom. In the end, your children will move out and away and you need the passions of your heart.

(12:57) In the beginning of single-parent it’s hard to trust your instincts and still put yourself first. But you have to move forward.

How do you figure out who you are if you don’t step out, even though you have fears, you have challenges, you have obstacles. You’ll never know who you are, unless you just move forward try to make some things happen for yourself.

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Where to Find Theresa

Read more about her success story on Backstage or on Eat Darling Eat. You can also reach out on Twitter Twitter or Instagram.

Successful Single Mom Interview ~ Theresa Wilson

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