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Let’s Talk About Social Justice with Pastor Pitts

Pastor Pitts, a police chaplain, returns to the podcast to discuss social justice issues. She gives insight into how we can make sure the current racial issues in America are a movement towards a better tomorrow instead of just a “moment” in time. She talks about investing in our youth and the importance of getting our kids back to school.

Overview of our interview:

(1:03) Pastor Pitts talks about her job as a police chaplain in Millburn, NJ.

(4:18) She is also a lead chaplain for a high school and she explains what she does in that job.

(5:40) We discuss how Pastor Pitts job has changed over the past few months with the pandemic and the killing of George Floyd. Pastor Pitts talks about the protests in her city and her role as a police chaplain.

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(9:59) Jen asks if the pastor feels an internal struggle between her day job and everything going on in the country or if her faith in God is pulling her through.

(11:18) Pastor Pitts talks about this time in history being a movement not a moment if we want change to happen in America.

(13:40) What can white allies do to continue the movement for racial justice?

  • Speak Up
  • Use Your Voice
  • Get Involved with the Community
  • Be Bold
  • Teach Your Children

(18:26) Pastor Pitts talks about community and empathy.

If one part of our body hurts, we hurt all over. If one part of our body is honored, the whole body will be happy.  

1 Corinthians 12:26

 (22:15) We talk about loving each other and how that love is modeled from our Heavenly Father in unconditional love.

(24:09) How does forgiveness and social justice go together? If we have to acknowledge our mistakes then it can’t be forgive and forget.

(26:18) Pastor Pitts talks about the issues she’s seeing in her professional job with kids not being in school, not being able to socialize with other kids, kids who come from difficult families or who depended on school for food and safety.

(30:29) We close in prayer.         

Click here for a transcript of our interview about social justice issues

Let\'s Talk About Social Justice with Pastor Pitts

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